home automation

We set up your house to be controlled and monitored from your gadgets(phone,tablet,pc). Control your home appliances from anywhere remotely over the internet(using 4G,Wi-Fi etc). Our team can come up with a cost effective design perfectly fit for your style. Our services at your disposal.

Fast Matters Technologies
Fast Matters Technologies

network consultancy

We help you create a safe and secure working enviromnent on the cyber space by designing, installing and upgrading your office network. Our experienced engineers will present you with a wide variety of affordable packages.

Services & repair

We help you cut down on losses and expenses by repairing old and broken IT equipment(PCs, printers, Routers etc) so that you can use them again within your enterprise. We have an experienced team ready to deal with your enterprise software and hardware issues.

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We have answers to your burning questions

This is a house that has its appliances(Lights,TV, Doors etc) interconnected using a local network or the internet. This setup gives home owners the ability to control and monitor the appliances in their houses from anywhere in the world.

The answer to this is No, not necessarily. You can configure new equipment to work with your current setup of devices depending with the compatibility of your equipment and complexity of  your network.

If you can operate a smartphone, tablet or computer then you can surely find it easy and exciting to have a smart house?